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GOGO Camping



The perfect place to explore Astronomy!

Triggered by his mundane day to day routine of business life, our GoGo camping visionary Mr P.GOPAL, a Mont-Fordian started his search for the perfect change in his routine. After years of trekking all over Tamil Nadu’s rich mountain ranges, he finally landed up here at JAWADHU hills, a quiet tranquil mountain range in eastern ghats, by chance.

It started as a weekend getaway due to its proximity to the two urban cities of Chennai (250Km) and Bangalore (160Km). However, his initial days of intense trekking and exploration of this hill with plenty of ancient history (KULLAR GUHAI), nature and diversity led him to Asia’s Biggest telescope just 2Km from the campsite. Thus came the interest in astronomy. It was bound to happen.

With this was born the idea of sharing the experience of nature’s hidden jewel with other like-minded campers and nature lovers. Proximity to the two cities with a Primary Health centre within 1 km of the campsite and 2 other fully equipped medical facilities within 25 km coupled with a well-paved highway right to the campsite gave more comfort for even senior citizen-friends to visit.

We started this ASTRO CAMPING site as an idea way back in 2012 to connect with like-minded people and by virtue of its uniqueness, the camping community has grown over the years with more and more young nature lovers, bikers, cyclists, caravan campers, bird photographers, off-roaders and many others enjoying this outdoor camping / tenting experiences.

And since COVID, the demand for bigger group camping and wilder, next to nature camping requests, has compelled us to add another larger campsite (GoGo Camping KT) just 2 KM from the primary site which is also pet friendly.

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Welcome to GOGO Camping!

With my search for the perfect venture, I also happened to meet a like minded friend here along with whom our getaway was born and named ‘Nadaar Wood’. It is a creation born out of the extreme love for nature and nature based activities. 

Trekking here gave me a rich and rewarding outlook on life. I often scout the inlands and mountains in a quest to further uncover this little hill. With time I grew a new found interest for astronomy. This bold shift in equilibrium helped us redefine our life by bringing together the knowledge of the flora, fauna and the places of significance in this little hill.

The forest here, at Jawadhu Hills remains very friendly as far as wildlife is concerned. Regardless, I ensure that all safety measures are adhered to on each expedition. Safety is of paramount importance to me. This is my initiative to encourage everyone to experience a rejuvenating time and explore the beauty of nature.

Here is my invitation, for you to come and explore with me, as I promise to make you ‘GO GO CLOSE TO NATURE’

– P Gopal